Tarot Card of the Week – November 17, 2019

Nine of Wands upright.

Something may be keeping you up at night with worry.  Anxiety. Fear, perhaps.  The good news is that Mercury will station direct on Wednesday and some of this should ease away.  The lines of communication should open which almost always helps with fear and worry.   We also have Venus and Jupiter forming a very lucky and romantic conjunction on November 24.

This won’t last, it will pass, welcome in love and light at last…

The Smiling Raven

Tarot Card Reading of the Week – October 27, 2019

Knight of Swords upright.

Knights are about movement and action. The suit of swords is about our mind, thoughts, communication. And it also corresponds to the air signs – Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.   So some new way of thinking. Or new communication coming out way. Or us giving communication to somebody else. And it may seem fast in some way. From out of nowhere.  Or, “sudden” and possibly abrupt.  It should be positive because this card is upright.

A good time to wrap up loose ends when it comes to messages and/or communication. Mercury will be retrograde from October 31 until November 20 (give or take a few days on either end).   Expect communication problems and try to flow through this energy. Mercury retrogrades are a good time to “review” things in our lives.

Talking is key, a smart way to be, let your words flow with kindness, blessed be. 

The Smiling Raven

Tarot Card of the Week – April 22, 2019

Emperor upright.

A major arcana card, this guy means business.  He outranks a king. So he’s powerful and commanding.  And upright, it’s in a positive, constructive way. He commands and demands respect and he gets it. He earns it.

This card corresponds to the astrological sign of Aries, but it can also be any cardinal sign of the zodiac. So Libra, Capricorn or Cancer.  This card can represent an actual person around you (or, you yourself) or just an energy around you. One of certainty and direction and getting things done.

An energy of focus and getting things done, the promise of amazing things yet to come…

The Smiling Raven

Planet Post-Up – Venus making LOTS of interesting aspects to other planets, Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury enters Shadow

So. Much. Going. On. This. Week. I’m going to touch on the big transits and aspects (not in the order I mentioned above).

There’s going to be a full moon in Virgo on February 19 (give or take a day depending where you are on the planet). This happens just as the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.  Full moons are times of completion. Of accomplishment. The culmination or ending of a cycle.  And with all endings come new beginnings. And that could be the shift of energy from quirky, communicative, revolutionary Aquarius into dreamy, romantic, emotional Pisces.

Mercury is also active this week.  He will enter his shadow period, soon to go retrograde in a about a week and a half or so.  So right now is a good time to finalize documents and sign contracts. If you’re thinking of making a big (read: expensive) purchase, do it now.  Finalize travel plans.  Once Mercury goes retrograde, travel can be a mess (delays), expensive purchases can prove to be disastrous with things breaking and not functioning, and communication is all over the place. Messages won’t get sent/received, or they’ll be misinterpreted.

Mercury will make a sextile (which is a good aspect) to Neptune. Pluto will also be involved with this.   Pluto is actually a blessing, because he will add a more grounded, stable dynamic to communication which can be dreamy and nebulous and hazy.

Mercury will later square Pluto. A square is a placement of tension. This particular aspect can indicate high expectations. And promising too much. So be mindful of this, not just with yourself but with those around you.

And now to Venus. The planet of love and romance and luxury and money.  She’s active this week, too.  Venus and Saturn and Neptune will be having a bit of a talk. And this can be urging us to take a serious look at where we are with our relationships and money and how we feel about it. It’s one thing to know where we are with these things in our lives, but it’s another to really take a moment to evaluate if we are happy with where things are.  And if we are not…why.

Venus and Pluto will have a moment which may bring about some feelings or emotions that feel overpowering. Overwhelming.   It can feel as if we are attracting (or caught up in) fated experiences with people in our lives. Keep in mind that we learn the most about ourselves through our relationships with others.  Meaning, every relationship we have or enter is meant to teach us something.  If we meet people and enter into relationships this way, it can make it a little easier to understand (and sometimes tolerate) what happens.  Good or bad.

So go slow and go easy.  There’s nothing wrong with feeling a strong pull towards somebody or towards something. Just be aware of what you’re feeling and be mindful of going forward.   We often make mistakes when we rush into things – relationships, decisions, big purchases…whatever it is. If you go slow, you’re more likely to be able to correct or fix a mistake that may be lining up.

A lot of energy in the skies above, go forward slowly…go easy with love…

The Smiling Raven

Tarot Card of the Week – January 20, 2019

The Fool reversed.

This card starts the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck as well as the entire tarot. It’s about new beginnings and starting  a new journey. But he’s reversed here. So that could indicate a delay or block to a new journey. Or, quite simply, acting or being foolish.

There’s a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21, so right now might not be the most ideal time to start something new.  Having said that, all the planets are direct right not until March 4-5.  Let this lunation pass, and then go ahead with the new journey.

A new journey ahead for me, take my time and don’t act foolishly…

The Smiling Raven

Tarot Card of the Week – December 30, 2018

Judgement upright.

I laughed when this card presented. How appropriate for a card not only that heads off the start of a new month, but also a new year. This is about rebirth. Renewal.  Growth.  I’m sure a lot of us will be feeling this energy at the beginning of the month and the year.

Astrologically speaking, later this week, all the planets will be direct. And they’ll be direct for about two months. So it’s a great way to start  a new month and a new year. What you want to start or begin, now is the time to do it. Not just because of a date on the calendar, but also because the universe is giving us all a cosmic push and a cosmic green light.

A new month ahead, and a new year, time to begin again, the time is here…

The Smiling Raven

Planet Post Up – Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, Venus in Libra, Mercury Stations Direct

The last of the eclipses of this eclipse season is on August 11, 2018. It’s a partial new moon solar eclipse in Leo.   A courageous, generous, gregarious fire sign Leo is all about doing things big.  Also about celebrity as well.   Leos are ruled by the Sun, so you can imagine the bright energy that surrounds this sign and these people.

New moons are always about new beginnings. If you are a Leo, this is not only your normal new moon (we all get one in our birthday/sun sign month), but it’s a huge push from the universe to do something new.  Or, think of it as an announcement by the universe that something new is about to take place in your life. If you don’t know what this is, eclipse energy can last up to six months. So give it a minute…but pay attention.  Because it’s coming.

Venus also started her transit in Libra. She rules Libra (and Taurus), and in Libra she’s about love and romance and elegance and beauty.  This is a beautiful time for Libras.  Also people who have their Venus in Libra.   If you are in a committed partnership, this could be a very beautiful, romantic energy. If you are not in a relationship…it may be on its way.

Mercury also stations direct on August 19. So we are almost done with this Mercury retrograde. Keep in mind that it takes a few days (some say a week or two) before Mercury is officially moving direct. So we’re not quite out of the woods. But…we are closer.  September should bring some easier energy for all of us.

Better energy, it’s on the way,  better times, come what may…

The Smiling Raven

Time to Reflect and Review – Mercury Retrograde and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Mercury is set to go retrograde from July 26, 2018 until about August 19, 2018. There are the “shadow” periods a few days before and after those dates when Mercury is still a little hazy and slow-moving.  This retrograde will occur in Leo.  We just had the Sun enter Leo as well.

Mercury retrogrades are known to be times to review.  Something (or a lot of somethings) may be coming forward in your life to go over again.   Also not an ideal time to sign important documents and contracts or buy expensive things. Travel and communication of all sorts can be a mess, too.   And there may be some encounters with past loves.

Mercury is known to be (in part) the planet of communication.  Mercury in Leo is brash and loud.  Courageous and unafraid to say what’s on its mind.  Of course, the danger with this is that sometimes, things are said without thinking.  Or without care or concern for others.  So be mindful fo this. If you are a Leo, this applies especially to you.  Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus may also be affected as well.

There’s also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up at the end of July as well.  Eclipses are full or new moons on steroids.  A massive amount of energy.  Full moons typically bring a sense of completion or accomplishment to things.  Something “coming full circle.”   It’s also a time when things can end. And because Uranus rules Aquarius, whatever this is for you, it may come as a bit of a surprise. Or have a sudden or quick aspect to it.  The energy from an eclipse can last for six months, too. So if you don’t experience something on July 27 or July 28….give it some time.  This is also a time to just flow with what the direction the universe is sending you in.  Don’t fight against it, flow with it.

There are a few other planets still retrograde as well. Mars, being one. So mind your temper.  And accept that right now, things may not be moving forward as you’d like. Or as fast as you’d like. It’s likely because you’re supposed to  be going over something or reviewing something. Or, simply put, it’s just not the “right time.”   Don’t force it, flow with it.  The planets will turn direct and things will start to feel like they’re moving forward again.

Re-do, relearn, rethink, revise, a time to do over certain parts of our lives…

The Smiling Raven

Tarot Card of the week – June 24, 2018

Eight of Wands upright.

A great card. It’s about action and movement. It’s sometimes called the “arrows of love” card.  And it’s also about communication. So you may hear from somebody you want to hear from. Or hear some good news. Or just feel like you’re getting traction with something. A new idea, a new relationship, a new job or a new sense of purpose in your life.

One word of caution – Mars goes retrograde in a couple of days.  So don’t rush into anything. It’s one thing to move forward assertively with purpose and a plan. It’s another to force your way and charge ahead ruthlessly.   If problems pop up (and they will because they always do), count to ten.  Try to stay calm.  As with all things in the cosmos…this too shall pass.

Words and action, forward I go, yet I will remember, to go forward slow…

The Smiling Raven

When a planet goes retrograde…

If you’re into astrology at all (more than just reading your horoscope online every day), you’re going to hear about planets going retrograde. What is retrograde?  Simply put, it’s when  planet appears to be moving backwards. it’s not literally going backwards in its orbit, it just appears that way in relation to the sun and the moon.

All planets go retrograde at some point. There are inner planets which move faster. And therefore, retrograde more often, but for shorter amounts of time.  Venus and Mars and Mercury move relatively quickly and retrograde more often.  For example, Mercury typically goes retrograde three to four times in a calendar year.  Granted, it’s only for about 4-6 weeks, but it’s still frequent.  Planets like Uranus and Pluto and Saturn are outer planets. They go retrograde less often, but they’re overall transits are longer. For example, Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn in December 2017. It will transit through Capricorn until 2020.  So it’s transit is about two and a half to three years.  it’s retrograde is also a few months.  A typical Jupiter transit is about eleven months.  It’s retrograde is about 3-4 months (give or take).

We tend to think of retrogrades as bad or negative. And they can be. If it’s your ruling planet, you’re going to feel it more than the others.  Gemini and Virgo people, ruled by Mercury, have to deal with their ruler going retrograde three to four times a year.  So lots of shift.  But we all deal with it because we are all affected by all the planets transits.

I’m not going to go through all the planets and what they can mean direct and retrograde. But I will touch on Neptune because it’s going to go retrograde June 18 (also the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere) until about November 24, 2018.  Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune is the god of the underworld. So all things a little deep and dark and “under the cover.” Things that maybe we can’t see or that we don’t completely understand.  Neptune is dreamy and creative and sensitive.  But Neptune can also be about escapism.  Not dealing with what needs to be dealt with.  This is why some astrologers will say people with a sun, ascendant/rising or moon in Pisces can be substance abusers.  Because they want to escape from things either around them or within them.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the quickest way out is through.  You have to go through it in order to get through it. It’s the best way to deal with that uncomfortable “stuff” and to progress forward.

So this upcoming Neptune retrograde may bring to our attention the “stuff” we want to escape. Or have been escaping.  The universe does an amazing job of giving us the same lesson to learn until we learn it. Then once we learn the lesson, we’ll stop getting the same “stuff” to deal with.   And this doesn’t always have to be something outside of ourselves (bad relationships, tension at work, issues with our relatives or siblings, irresponsibly with money), it can be things within ourselves. Maybe we view ourselves as the victim all the time.  Maybe we struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem which can lead to not having boundaries with people which can lead to people constantly and consistently taking advantage of us and hurting us. Perhaps our issue is with not feeling worthy of abundance or luxury.  We have a hard time accepting gifts from others (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant) or favors. Or we can’t ever really relax and enjoy a wonderful moment – like an amazing, expensive dinner. Or a luxurious resort vacation. First class air travel. A new vehicle or a beautiful piece of jewelry.

It’s different for all of us. If you do shadow work regularly, you’re going to know what your “dark” stuff is. The areas  of yourself that you need to work on or that aren’t how you’d like them to be. If you don’t do shadow work (shadow work is a Carl Jung term for dealing with our darker selves or the aspects of ourself we don’t particularly appreciate or like….sometimes also referred to as our deepest wounds), meditation is a good way to start.  If you don’t meditate (and don’t particularly want to), you can just take a few minutes to get brutally honest with yourself and write down three things about yourself you want to work on.  Maybe you complain too much or you’re too critical. You can’t give praise to other people because you tend to be jealous of anybody else’s success or happiness. Maybe you “test” your potential romantic partners, reasoning if they don’t pass your tests and can’t deal with your BS (sorry, not sorry….that’s usually what that is), then you don’t deserve them anyway and they can’t really hang with you either.  Whatever it is – Neptune retrograde is a good time to look into all of this.

And somewhat related, a Neptune retrograde is a good time to develop your own spirituality. Or just to spend some time with what spiritually means for you.  Is it saying grace before meals? Praying before you go to sleep? Keeping a gratitude list? Doing a random act of kindness for a stranger every day? What rituals or practices resonate with you? Why? Why not? What rituals or practices would you like to start?  On and on.

So don’t be afraid to go within.  Even if it’s uncomfortable or not pretty. We all have not pretty parts of ourselves.  And those are the parts that often need the most attention.  This Neptune retrograde season is a good time to give those parts that attention.

My shadow, my dark, my less than ideal, I give attention and love to make it better and real…

The Smiling Raven