Planet Post Up – Full Moon in Capricorn

We have a Full Moon in Capricorn going on right now.  Some say it was exact last night, some say it’s today, July 9. It’s at 17 degrees of Capricorn and it’s intense. It’s intense mostly because the moon and Pluto are opposite the sun and Mars.   So we have the planet of death and rebirth and the planet of aggression and will and war at odds. With a Full Moon.

Feelings of control (lack of control, wanting to control others, or feeling as if YOU are the one being controlled), jealousy, intimidation even possible physical aggression (we do have Mars involved) may be likely. Or it could just be the energy that’s around. It feels intense, it feels…threatening.  So be mindful of this. Not just for yourself, but for others.  Of course, Capricorn people (people with the sun, moon or rising sign in Capricorn) are going to feel this the most.  But so will the other earth signs.

The sun in Cancer is trying to temper this a bit. But  Cancer can only do so much.  The energy of a full or new moon can be felt the most 2-3 days before and after it’s exact. So this energy may be with us for a few days. Be gentle and be kind.  With yourself and with others. Even if they aren’t gentle and kind to you.

As always, Full Moons bring us to a place of completion (the moon has made her cycle complete when she’s full).  So gratitude for things coming to completion is called for now.  But so is releasing things that are no longer serving you or no longer wanted.   Use this energy with care.

This is intense, rage and anger abound…be kind to yourself and others around…

The Smiling Raven

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