Card of the Month – July 2017

Solar Plexus Chakra.

It’s typically considered the third chakra – in the center of your belly. Your gut.  Chakras are energy wheels in and around the body that correspond to aspects of ourselves and our spirit. It’s all about your personal will, your character, your drive, your sense of being and knowing and….you.

This aspect of yourself may come into focus this month in some way.  It could be that you are “coming into your own” in some aspect of your life. Or, it could be that you are made aware of how not aligned this chakra is for you.  If you’re feeling like you say yes when you really mean no. If you feel out of place or out of sorts in your environment or amongst a group of people.  Or just your own personal sense of self.

We all go through times in our lives when our personal identity is challenged.  Who you were at age 12 is probably not the same person or the same “identity” that you see yourself to be at 54.  Things change. Your perspective, life experience, literal age and time on the planet….countless things that change and/or challenge you.  Be open to those changes.

This particular oracle deck links a chakra to an angel. In this case, Archangel Chamuel may be a source of support if you are looking for some heavenly/spiritual guidance. Working with angels is a wonderful way to tune into spirit and receive assistance when you need it. Just like our (spirit) guides, they’re waiting to help….all you have to do is ask…

A month of growth, a month of seeing, angels guide and please assist me…

The Smiling Raven





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