Card of the Week – June 18, 2017

The Lovers reversed.

Upright, this card, on a mundane level, can speak to love. Passion, sexual interest.  It can also speak to a choice needing to be made. Either between two people.  Or between a person and another thing.  Do I put my time and energy into a relationship, or do I devote it to work and my career?

Reversed, as it is here, it can mean we are not taking responsibility for a relationship. Or for a choice or a behavior in and/or around a relationship. We are being encouraged to be responsible for ourselves and for the part we may play in a relationship dynamic.  This energy may be something we find ourselves dealing with this week.

Making choices responsibly, adult decisions with you and me…Help me make smart choices please, spirit guides, I ask of thee….

The Smiling Raven














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