Card of the Week – June 11, 2017

The Hierophant reversed.

Upright, he’s the card of tradition and convention.  The standard and accepted way of doing things.  He can also suggest something being seen as “blessed.”   Some say this card can also suggest marriage. But I personally think there are other cards in the deck that speak to marriage more than this card.

Reversed, as it is here, it means something unconventional. Not traditional.  A different way of doing things. A different approach.  Perhaps, not widely accepted, so be mindful that others may not agree with your take on things.

It’s a major arcana card, which means it’s message speaks louder than the other cards in the deck. So this could be about something significant in your life (marriage, a job or career move, an approach to raising children), or perhaps just something that seems significant to you in your life.

This card is traditional yes, what it speaks of for you is your guess…

The Smiling Raven

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