Planet Post Up – Venus Trines Saturn, Venus-Uranus Conjunction

The Sun is in the talkative, social air sign of Gemini now.  Fun, social, light.  Yet intellectual and up for sparking conversation…Gemini.  This energy has a fresh and light feeling to it, much like the sunny warm weather a lot of us may be experiencing where we live.  Things feel good.

There will be a trine between Venus and Saturn on May 31-June 1.  A stability will soon be felt in relationships.  As will a welcome dose of reality.   Energy that may have seem scattered when it comes to relationships will be overtaken by stable, settled energy.  Solid. Grounded. Something we can depend on.

Later in the week, there will be a Venus-Uranus conjunction.  The need for change in some area of our lives.  Whenever Venus is involved, it can speak to relationships. It can also speak to our relationship to money, wealth, luxury.  But something needs to be changed a little.  Not in a dramatic way perhaps. But….a little injection of change.  Change isn’t always bad. And sometimes, especially with relationships with other people, there needs to be a certain amount of change and shift to keep it fresh.

Looking ahead…Jupiter turns direct in Libra on June 9.  All systems go.  A good time to press forward. The universe will be giving us a push in the right direction.

Venus and Saturn working together, bringing us closer to one another…

The Smiling Raven

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