Card of the Week – May 21, 2017

King of Coins Reversed

The same card as last week, only he’s revered this week.  So long to financially responsible and meticulous with saving, hard working and disciplined.  Now, it’s an energy of controlling and irresponsibility with money and saving. Perhaps somebody who never seems to have a job or can’t keep it, but expects everybody around them to buy for them and provide for them.  Or, he spends frivolously.  Overspends, or spends beyond his means.

This can be somebody around us that we will have to contend with in our lives. Or it could be us.  Or an energy around us.  Sometimes when we get stressed at work, we want to escape and maybe spend lavishly.  Thinking that it will make us feel better. It likely will, but not for very long. The same things that were causing the stress will be there after the newness of the shiny toy has worn off. Only  now, you’ll be stressed and a little further in debt or out money.

When the Sun was in Taurus, the King of Coins upright made perfect sense. Grounded in stable energy. And an earth sign – as Pentacles (sometimes referred to as coins)  correspond to earth signs. But now that the Sun is in Gemini…there’s a more light hearted approach to things. And sometimes “lighthearted” can spin into casual and lazy and indifferent.

So try to keep a level head when dealing with money and finances. And if  this person is in your life pestering you for money, know the difference between kindness and enabling a problem.

Slow and steady, money to me, this is how it shall be, responsible yes and very smart too, this is how I will be and do…

The Smiling Raven


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