Planet Post Up – Sun in Gemini, Mercury is Taurus, Venus Jupiter Opposition, Saturn trine Uranus

The big news with this post is that the Sun is now in Gemini.   An air sign, known to be chatty, intellectual, social, witty and smart.  Also…known for its duality.  Air signs, as their element suggests, can have a light heartedness to them.  Things aren’t quite so serious.  This will be nice energy to move into summer. The solstice is on June 21, which is technically when the Sun moves into Cancer (a water sign).  But it’s that light hearted, carefree energy that leads us there.

Mercury, now direct, will be in Taurus from May 16 until June 6.  Communication and thought (on a general level) more solid and stable. A “common sense” approach to things will likely be noticed.

Venus is still in Aries and will be there until June 6. A nice placement for these two.  They play off each other quite well. Love and romance can take an exciting turn now.  The combination of romance and fireworks is sure to be present.

The lunar nodes are officially in Leo and Aquarius.  Sometimes it takes a little while to feel the effect of planets (and nodes) shifting. I like to think of it as the planets and signs needing some coffee in the morning. There’s that lag time of when they’re “awake” but not really “productive.”   We should start feeling the energy of this shift now.

There’s a trine between Saturn and Uranus. Trines are generally regarded as positive positions. And with this, we can expect a little order with the chaos.   There’s a feeling of forward movement, even if it’s slow, without interruption. Without interference. Goals and plans will start to feel a little more certain now and you will likely feel a little more focused with what you want to do.  Because Uranus is involved, it can also spark surprises and unexpected developments.  So be prepared for the unexpected.  However you manage that.

There’s an opposition between Venus and Jupiter.  Love of creature comforts, luxury, (sometimes excess) and the planet of abundance….wanting to enjoy the good life without doing any of the work.  Go easy with spending, indulging (in whatever way that resonates with you), and over- anything-ing. 

Light and airy, smart and fun, when Gemini is with the Sun. Easy does it with food and drink, be smart about it, stop and think….

The Smiling Raven

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