Kitchen Witch – Magical Uses for Salt and Sugar

These are two things almost everybody has in their kitchen at any given time. Simple sugar (it doesn’t matter if it’s powdered sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar) and salt (sea salt, table salt, rock salt).  For this post, I’m only going to be talking about regular white/table salt. Not black salt or “witches salt”.  These are also two things that are really powerful, if used in the right way.

Salt.  Good for protection and to “take away.”

  • You can sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your house or office for protection. Some people do this at certain times of the year, before they leave on vacation, or if they are expecting company they’d rather not host.
  • If somebody has come into your house that you would like to keep away, sprinkle salt in their footsteps after they’ve left.
  • If you hang sachets by your doors, you can include some salt in them to protect the home or business.
  • You can add salt to little bowls and place them in corners of a house for protection. You can also do this if you think you’re being visited by a not-so-nice spirit.  It can protect the area.
  • Bathing in water with a little bit of salt in it has healing properties (Epsom salts are good for drawing out impurities in the body and relaxing the muscles). A good “cleanse.” And any salt will do.  Add a few drops of essential oil and it makes for a good purification/energy cleanse.
  • Some people may put a pinch of salt in their floor wash. The idea being that as you clean up the literal dirt and dust, you also spiritually purify the ground.
  • If there’s been an argument in the house or if there’s just overall tension, putting a little bit of salt on the kitchen table or counter can help absorb that negative, tense energy.  You can dispose of it the next day. Returning it to the earth is a good way to do that (ideally, not on your property if you can).

Sugar.  Good for “sweeting” and for drawing things to you.

  • Sugar (and honey and/or molasses) can be used in Hoodoo bottle spells.  When you want to sweeten somebody to you (draw towards you a romantic interest).
  • Sugar can be used to roll candles in when performing candle magick for the same purpose (to draw somebody or something towards you).
  • If you have a sachet by the front door to a business, a few pinches of sugar may be a good idea to have customers/clients “sweet” on your business. It will help draw them in and keep them returning.
  • When stirring sugar in your coffee or tea (or whatever you’re cooking) you can do so with the intent that your romantic interest be drawn to you, or be brought closer you.

Don’t get too concerned about the “type” of sugar or salt for your workings.  Hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have variations of sugar or different kinds of gourmet salts to choose from.  The same goes for candle colors – white always works for anything.

Magick here, magick there, salt and sugar everywhere, to bring close to keep away, enhance my power, so I say…

The Smiling Raven




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