Planet Post Up – Lunar Nodes Shifting

The lunar nodes are set to shift their placement on May 10, 2017.   The north node will move from Virgo into Leo and the south node will shift from Pisces into Aquarius. Nodes are mathematical points in a chart, and they are always opposite each other – two opposing signs. They shift their placement approximately every 18 months.

The north node is your karma, your purpose, your calling. The lessons you are here to learn. The south node is about the gifts you bring into this life path. Use the gifts and talents here to propel your north node purpose.

You could say that this shift is going to be around the “me” versus the “we.”  Leo is a sign of self, celebrity, confidence.  Aquarius is about community and others.  The dynamic fire sign and the intellectual, social air sign. These two energies are going to have an impact in some are of our lives. If you are a Leo or an Aquarius, the next 18 months might bring some important lessons and experiences.  But we will all feel it in some way.  September 1998 through April 2000 was the last time we had the nodes in Leo and Aquarius.  Think back to that time and it may give you some insight into what sorts of shifts and changes you may experience in the next 18 months.

All of this shift comes with a full moon in Scorpio on May 10.  Lots of emotional intensity.  Or, just intensity in general. Scorpio is known for plumbing the depths, not for scratching the surface.  It can also bring with it a certain amount of passion and lust, as Scorpio is a very sexual sign.

Go easy the next few days as we settle into this new energy. Let it carry you where you need to go…

The nodes are shifting, yes they are, bringing in a fresh new start, profound new changes they will soon be, for all of us…you and me…

The Smiling Raven

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