Card of the Month – May 2017


Interesting card. One of…well…indecision. Not being able to make a choice, or not wanting to. Not feeling like one option is better than the other. Or, both options seem equally horrible…so maybe I just won’t do anything and it will go away.

How easy it would be if all the choices we had to make in our lives were obvious and easy to make.  But not all choices are like that.  A funny version of this that most of us have encountered is the whole “where do you want to go to dinner?” issue.  And it doesn’t really matter if you’re the person asking or the person trying to make a decision. It’s frustrating for everybody.   The person doing the asking just wants you to make a decision. PICK A PLACE already.  And the person having to make the choice….can’t. None of the options seem “good.”

If a situation presents itself to you in May, make a decision. Just….call it.  Give it some thought…then make a decision.   You can’t move in any direction, least of all forward, until you do.  And a life in stasis isn’t really living.

Shrimp or steak, rice or potatoes, help me choose which way I go…

The Smiling Raven

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