Beltane – May 1 Celebration

Beltane is celebrated on May 1. It’s the half way point between the spring equinox and the start of summer (the solstice).  It’s Celtic in origin and is still celebrated in Scotland, Ireland and parts of  England today.

Sometimes referred to as a “celebration of fire,”  bonfires are a common way to usher in the shift of the seasons.  Decorating your home, your front door specifically with flowers, is also a popular way to celebrate the day.  Some women make garlands of the flowers and wear them on their heads with ribbons.  Or around the wrist as a bracelet.  Handfasting ceremonies are also common on this day – a pagan marriage rite.  Offering sweets in the form of cakes and other sweet treats to the fairies is also practiced in some areas.  My favorite offering is to pour  a little milk in a small bowl and drizzle some honey in it.  I leave it out with a note for the fairies to protect our home and in thanks for the gifts and protection they bring.

I always have fresh flowers in the house – all year. But I will often light some candles (my more subdued version of a bonfire), burn a floral incense and meditate on the the growth and vibrancy of the world around us.  On the changing of the seasons and the passage of time, ever present and always marching forward.

A time to celebrate fertility, spring, the summer solstice approaching, life and love.  Light a candle and take a few moments to whisper thank you for the growth all around you.

Beltane here, Beltane now, spring and growth all around, as above so below, only light and love I know…

The Smiling Raven




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