Card of the Week – April 30, 2017

Knight of Wands reversed.

Knights can represent people (male or female) in their late teens and/or twenties.  And they are usually fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries).  Reversed, as the card appears here, it’s rushing into things without thinking. Making rash decisions.  Being bossy or controlling.

It could be that you find yourself around somebody like this in the week ahead. Or that you express some of these traits yourself.  To make this knight upright, try to be a little more calculated with the things you do.  Think first, and exercise patience.  Upright, he’s fearless and motivated and all about action and getting things done.  Definitely a better way to be.

Right now! Right now! Quick quick quick!! Slow down…let me think a bit…

The Smiling Raven

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