New Moon in Taurus – Plant the Seeds You Want to Grow

April 26, 2017 we have a new moon in Taurus.  The earthy, grounded, stable sign.  Taurus is ruled by Venus (along with Libra).  Taurus people like earthly delights, creature comforts….nice things.   Taurus can be stubborn at times.  Unwilling (or perhaps unable) to shift their way of thinking or doing.

This is a good new moon (as are all new moons) to start new things.  Fresh.  People tend to think of January 1 as the time to start new things.  At least here in the United States. But the universe actually gives us a cosmic push once a month to do new things – with each new moon.

As you might expect, this is a good time to plant seeds you want to see grow. Literally (depending on where you live, if frost overnight is a thing of the past…) planting seeds in the earth.  But also planting seeds of ideas, lifestyle changes, choices.  It can be something as small as putting milk in your coffee instead of cream. Or it can be a perspective change – no longer viewing certain tasks at work as drudgery, accepting them as part of the job and something you can learn from.

Use this energy to help you grow in whatever way resonates with you right now. You won’t be sorry you did.

Light my candle, chant my lines, new moon energy, fresh and divine.  Help me grow with these seeds I plant, learn more, be more and understand….

The Smiling Raven

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