Card of the Week – April 23, 2017

Seven of Pentacles reversed.

Not seeing the long term value. Not thinking in terms of long term investment. Pentacles speak to money and finances and resources.  Job and career.  Upright, this card means somebody is pondering the value of the work or effort they are putting towards something.  Doing the work, but with an eye towards the future.  Reversed, as it is here, it means you can’t see the value in it. Or, you aren’t really thinking about the future.

This card can sometimes present when  somebody is in a job and they don’t see the point in it. The long term point of it all. What am I really working towards here? What growth is possible here? Is there growth possible here?   It can also present when somebody is embarking on a new career or business, bringing in money, but they don’t really have a financial plan.  Are you saving the money? Are you saving it for something or putting it towards retirement? Or are you putting it back into the business in a way?  There’s no plan.

This week may present an opportunity for you to evaluate where you are (in terms of your career and/or finances) and where you’re going. Where you want to go.

Help me, help me, help me see….where all of this is taking me…

The Smiling Raven

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