Monthly Message – April 2017

I’m going to start pulling an oracle card for the beginning of every new month.  And a tarot card for the beginning of the week. I’ll post the monthly card on or about the first day of the month. And the tarot card on the Saturday or Sunday of that new week.  The deck I used for this oracle card pull is the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland.

Blossoming Abundance.

Not a bad card to get for the month.  This card can speak to not only money or finances, but any area in our life where we want to see expansion and growth.  And if it isn’t with tangible things, it can be with ideas or plans.  An abundance of new business ideas or an abundance of new diet/training goals.  It will be all around us in April.  April is also the first full month of spring in the northern hemisphere. So nature will be putting on a display of blossoming abundance all around us.

For this month, spirits please, bring abundance, straight to me…

The Smiling Raven

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