Planet Post Up – New Moon in Aries

On March 27, 2017 we have a New Moon in Aries.   The Sun moved into Aries on March 20, signaling the start of spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the start of the astrological new year. Fiery, dynamic Aries.  The sign that starts the astrological new year.   A cardinal fire sign, Aries is ruled by Mars.  That’s a lot of power there.  Cardinal signs are known to be outgoing and active. They get things done.  Fire signs are, well, fiery.  And Mars is the planet that rules war and aggression, along with motivation in general.

Aries can be impulsive. They want things now. As in, five minutes ago now.  They can be blunt and to the point. So much so that they can appear heartless and without feeling. Forget talking them out of an idea they have or even suggesting there’s another way to do something. They’re going to do it their way and you need to get out of the way.  And there is no please get out of the way.  It’s just….get out of their way.

The next month promises to bring a lot of action. A lot of dynamic energy to our lives in one way or another.  A lot of people believe that January 1 is the most significant time to begin anew. Come up with resolutions and areas they want to change.  I believe that we are given that opportunity every month at every new moon.  Some new moons are better to work with in terms of bringing about change and moving forward.  New Moons in fire signs are especially good for that. Any resolutions that may have gotten away from you since January, or just areas in your life you want to change, use this energy.  It comes with a punch. A cosmic kick in the pants to help move you along.

Mercury is in Aries until March 31.  Quick thoughts. Impulsive perhaps. So be careful how you “word” things.  Because tact may not be used as it should be.

Venus (although still retrograde until April 15) is in Aries.  Venus is at home in Aries.  Romantic gestures from out of the blue can occur now. Passionate love. Passionate romance.  Or just plain passion.  But she’s still retrograde. Reevaluating things and going over things. So some caution surrounds this transit.

Saturn is still in Sagittarius until this December.  Jupiter is (retrograde) in Libra.

The universe always gives us plenty of green lights and plenty of flashing yellow caution lights.  But with the Sun and so many other planets in Aries right now – it’s go time. The combination of the New Moon in a fire sign, the Sun being in a fire sign, the start of a new season, it’s all about starting anew.  It’s there for you…go get it!

I want this and I want that, action at the drop of a hat, moving forward with my plans, with this New Moon, I know I can…

The Smiling Raven

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