Kitchen Witch – Magickal Uses for Basil

Basil is so versatile, it’s really an amazing herb to work with.  It is said that “where basil grows, no evil goes.”   You can find it at the grocery store and even at some drugstores.  It’s easy to grow in an herb garden or even in a pot. I’m going to list some easy ways to incorporate basil into your magickal workings and spells.

  • It is said, “where basil grows, no evil goes.”  Keep a pot of basil by your front and back doors to keep your home safe.
  • A fantastic herb to use for magickal workings involving prosperity and wealth. A pinch in your wallet or coin purse will encourage money to come to you.
  • Keep some in a small bowl or plate (glass and pottery are best) on your prosperity altar, or you can sprinkle it on the table directly.
  • You can use it when cooking, envision money and prosperity coming to you when you add it in to sauces and food.  Stir clockwise (deosil) to bring wealth and prosperity to you. Stir counter clockwise (widdershins) to take it from you.
  • Sprinkle basil along the front steps of your business or place of work to encourage business.
  • You can burn a green candle (white works for everything all the time if you don’t have a green one) for money.  Sprinkle basil around the candle in a circle (again, sprinkle it clockwise) to beckon money.
  • Add a leaf of basil into floor wash.  As you clean your floors, envision money coming in, doors being opened to money, washing away obstacles to wealth and now a clean, clear path being made for prosperity.

Basil brings wealth and money to me, thank you spirit guides for guiding it to me….

The Smiling Raven





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