Full Moon in Virgo – Practical and Stable….even when the Sun is in Pisces

There’s a full moon in Virgo at 22 degrees on March 12, 2017.  Virgo is an earth sign.  Practical, particular, organized, structured.  Meticulous.  The sun is in Pisces – the opposite of Virgo. Pisces is watery, emotional, intuitive.   So we have that. Any time there is a full moon, it is in the opposite sign of where the sun is.

All full moons have a lot of energy.  Culmination, finishing, completion.  Fulfillment.  What to discard and let go of. Given that this one is in Virgo, we are being encouraged to be practical where we need to be.  Welcome structure in our lives in the areas that genuinely need structure.  Get any health issues checked into and figured out.

Chiron, the “wounded healer” is in Pisces.  Chiron issues (to me) are issues from our childhood that we carry around with us. That seem to haunt us at the most inopportune moments in our lives.  These are things like not feeling loved enough,  feelings of being taken for granted, being overlooked, always feeling “less than.”  We all have these issues. But the happiest people are probably the ones who have been able to identify these issues and then leave them behind.  Until you are able to do that, these things will keep coming back again and again in our life.  And Chiron in Pisces is emotional stuff on top of emotional stuff.  Best to deal with it.  If you are the type of person who wants to address things and handle them, you’ll do just fine. If you are the type of person who doesn’t deal with things or deals with them with addition or other bad habits (a trait common with Pisces), this isn’t going to go well for you.

Mercury is also in Pisces. The planet of communication in a watery sign. A great time to bring out your inner poet. To put pen to paper and write what sings to your heart.

There’s a square with Saturn taking place. Saturn is in Sagittarius. Not the best place for Saturn to be. He’s about restriction and structure and discipline.  Sagittarius is about “the next thing.”  About action and movement and energy.  Exploration.

Uranus is in Aries at 22 degrees as well.  This placement is pretty good and it completely contradicts Saturn in Sagittarius.   It’s about doing the thing you want to do.  Action.

Venus is retrograde in Aries right now and will be until April 15.  Reevaluating love and relationships.  And money.  Value and worth. All those issues are bound to come up in some way during this transit.   Mars is in Taurus – practical and focused.  Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and her opposite is Mars. So this is an interesting (and harmonious) placement for these planets.

So it isn’t so much the full moon that is a little complicated. It’s the placement of all the planets that are causing some of the tension  and shifting energy.  A lot of placements and transits contradicting each other.  At the end of the day, we have some earth energy (the moon in Virgo and Mars in Taurus) trying to balance out all the emotional watery energy of Pisces.  You may feel both of those things. This desire to be grounded and structured and the emotional undercurrent of issues from your childhood or past hurts that haven’t been healed yet.  Use the full moon to address those things if you can.  Let go of what no longer serves you…

Full moon in Virgo, moonbeams to me, lend me some structure and discipline please…

The Smiling Raven









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