Planet Post Up – Jupiter Retrograde, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Jupiter starts its retrograde on February 6. It’s fully retrograde on February 9.  It will go direct in early June.  It’s in the sign of Libra – the sign of relationships and partnerships and balance.  We all may be experiencing some shake-ups with our relationships for the next couple of months. Not necessarily romantic relationships – any kind. Business partnerships, friendships, relationships within family.  Any time a planet goes retrograde, it’s a good time for us to reevaluate things. The direction of things. How things are progressing (or not progressing) in that area.

Use this energy to take a closer look at any relationships in your life that you may be trying to progress.  If conflicts present, don’t view them as set-backs.   You may be tempted to think, “oh here we go again….I thought we were past this….is this still where things are?”   Use the conflict to take a closer look at what you can do to make it better. Perhaps you have become too comfortable with a certain dynamic within the relationship.  Reevaluate that.  By the time June comes around – the relationship will be stronger than ever.

We also have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10.  Any full moon comes with a lot of energy.  When it’s an eclipse, it is that energy on high.  It goes one louder and is dialed to eleven. This full moon is in a fire sign, Leo, ruled by the Sun.   The Sun is still in Aries right now.  The few days before and after February 10 promise to be….dynamic. I don’t want to use the word “explosive” because that word can sometimes suggest negative things.  But explosive can be good when it’s at the right time and for the right reasons. Let’s focus on dynamic.  Expect transformation and shift.  More so if you are a Leo or any fire sign. But we all will experience this in our lives in some way.  Keep in mind that Mars is also in Aries right now.  That only adds to the “fire” element of this full moon lunation.

Nothing with Leo is ever boring or lackluster. Expect some excitement….it’s on its way.

We have an eclipse, coming our way, promising excitement, come what may…









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