Imbolc – St. Brigid’s Day….Bring on Spring

Today is Imbolc – a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring. Also known as St. Brigid’s Day (and St. Brigid is spelled a lot of different ways).  In Christian circles, it’s called Candlemas.  And it’s also Groundhog’s Day in the United States.

St. Brigid or Goddess Brigid is the Celtic goddess associated with poetry, midwifery, healing. And she’s typically honored on this day.

Easy ways to celebrate Imbolc include lighting white candles – allow them to burn themselves out.  Think about what you’d like to usher in with the changing of the seasons.  White ribbons are also sometimes tied around trees and branches.  If you can spend some time outside welcoming spring, the sun, the warmth, growth…that’s a wonderful way to celebrate the day.  Make an offering of some seed to outside birds. Bury a small stone/crystal in honor of Brigid asking for her blessing.

Brigid, Brigid, bring us spring, sun and warmth and lots of rain. Flowers, tree leaves, light outside, to this new season, be our guide…






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