Sun in Aquarius – Hello Innovation

The sun finished up in Capricorn and is now in the innovative air sign of Aquarius.  All of the air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) are signs of the mind. Of intellect and the intellectual. They are generally good communicators and like a good, civil debate. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus – the planet of rebellion, revolution, innovation, surprise.   The planet of change, often dramatic and sudden change.

This is a time when we may be called to change-up something in our personal lives.  It’s time for a switch of some sort.  Perhaps a way of looking at a particular problem or a way of thinking about something. This is also a good time, not coincidentally that it’s a few weeks after the new year, to revisit any resolutions or changes we wanted for ourselves this year.  Right about now is when a lot of people seem to drift from those grand plans for the new year. The realization of the time or energy it takes to make that change, the inclement weather disrupting plans, or even the dark days and gray sky of the winter season – all these things and probably a million more can figure into why we drift from our new year plans. Now is a good time to create  shift in our minds that gets us back to that place.

Aquarius also encourages us to be more innovative in our lives.  Any area that needs our attention for growth or further development, in addition to viewing it with a different mind set, try to seek out innovative ways to deal with problems. Innovative ways to switch things up.  Mixing creativity and a little thinking outside the box can lend itself to surprising solutions.

We can also expect other sudden changes to be taking place around us as well.  The first thing that comes to mind here in the United States is the recent inauguration of our new president. But we could be experiencing changes around our work place, our neighborhoods, with our finances – think of areas of our lives that  are bigger than the very personal.

The Moon is in Scorpio – so there may be some intensity that we are dealing with. Scorpio is often viewed as the most intense sign of the zodiac.  Generally speaking, any transits involving Scorpio promise at  least some intensity and deep feelings and emotions.  The Moon will move into Sagittarius tomorrow and some of that intensity will subside.

Use this  next month while the Sun is in Aquarius to change your perspective on things. Maybe create for yourself come change where change is needed. And also try as best you can to get comfortable with the idea of change happening around you as well.  Sudden change from out of nowhere.

Change is here, change is there, on the land and in the air, all around me I can see, innovation for a new me…







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