Easy Tarot Spreads

In addition to reading for others, I read for myself every morning.  It’s an easy way for me to get a glimpse into some of the energies that might be surrounding me that day, or that I might encounter. I even track my own readings for myself in notebooks.  I’m going to list some simple tarot spreads you can use for yourself (and for others).  Quick and concise and easy to read.

One Card Pull – Many people use this as their daily card reading. A single card for guidance about what they may expect during the day.  Upright or reversed, it’s a quick way to get a read on your day ahead.

Three Card Spread – For me, most often, it’s Past Present Future.  There are many variations on this spread (Maiden Mother Crone, Situation Advice Outcome, Mind Body Spirit…), but I like viewing the energy that is behind me, the energy with me and what lies ahead.

Spirit Guide Spread  – This can be done with tarot cards or oracle cards.  The first card is the area your spirit guides are helping you with, what they want  you to know now, advice and outcome.  One of my favorite spreads.

The Week/Month Ahead – The first card is the first part of the week/month, the second card is the middle of the week/month and the last card is the last part of the week/month. There is also an advice and an outcome card.  A good reading for the start of a week or a month.

Glimpse The Day Spread – The first card is the energy that represents or surrounds you, the card that crosses you (place it on top of the first card, crossing it, read it upright) is the energy that might cause you conflict or struggle, an advice and an outcome card.

There are perhaps hundreds (if not thousands) of tarot spreads out there. The more you become used to reading and to your deck, you can make up your own spreads.  Those are probably the ones that will resonate the most for you because them came from you.  So don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tarot spreads, insight for me, reading cards intuitively, give me guidance to my day please, thank you kind spirits for guiding me…








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