Full Moon in Cancer – Emotional Release

There will be a full moon in Cancer on January 12, 2017.   The moon is at home in watery, emotional Cancer.  The moon rules Cancer so this is a natural placement for her.

Cancer is the opposite of Capricorn – where the Sun is still located.  Capricorn  can be very serious and focused and can seem to lack empathy or emotions. Cancer is a water sign and an emotional one at that. Sensitive and family oriented.  Prone to mood swings and crying spells.  But gentle and loyal and kind beyond words.

As with all full moons, use this energy to release and let go. Any emotional entanglements that have been particularly draining on you, now is a good time to release them.  And what a good time at the beginning of a calendar year. Start the year free of emotional things weighing you down.

This could also be time when you find yourself feeling a little more emotional than normal, perhaps.  Don’t try to resist it. Accept it. As with all things, it will pass.

This next (approximate) three week cycle is also a period where all planets are direct – moving forward. A welcome boost to us all.  Use this energy to get things moving, get plans off the ground, progress with ideas and goals.  Next month, we start eclipse season. So there will be some significant beginnings and endings for all of us.  So take these few weeks and run with it. Shed what doesn’t serve you and keep the focus forward.

Emotional moon, sensitive too, release what doesn’t serve me, and reveal things anew…


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