An Oil For This, An Oil For That…

Essential oils. Some people love them, some people could care less.  I like them and I use them almost every day. I’m going to list some uses for some common ones. Of course, the number of brands are endless. You want to make sure they come from a reputable company, and that they are 100% pure.  Buy from  a company you trust that has good reviews.

Lavender Oil.  A favorite. It can be added to other carrier oils for the hair (jojoba, organ, grape seed are some good ones) and the face.  It’s relaxing and encourages sleep.  I dab a little dot on the sides of the pillow so that I inhale the scent as I sleep.  I also mix water, some alcohol, and several drops of lavender, lemon and rosemary in a spray bottle and use this to mist the bed linens. A clean, refreshing scent. You can also add drops of lavender to a carrier oil or just to an unscented cream to use on our feet at night. A soothing scent and it makes for a good foot massage cream.

Rosemary Oil.  Great for the hair.  I mix several drops with jojoba oil and put it on my hair every night before I go to sleep.  It will be washed out in the morning with shampoo.  Or one or two drops (literally…it’s oil) in your hair can be used to tame fly aways or smooth a pony tail.  A few drops can also be added to your regular shampoo and conditioner. It is said to help with hair growth and to encourage overall health and shine.

Lemon Oil.  Good for cleaning, refreshing.  You can mix several drops of this with some water, white vinegar and use it as a cleaning spray in the house. It works for cleaning counter tops and mirrors.  And it smells wonderful. You can also drizzle some lavender and/or lemon oil on a slightly damp wash cloth and include it with clothes in the dryer.  The damp towel will dry with the other clothes and lightly fragrance them.

Grapefruit Oil. If you buy oils from a company that suggests that it’s okay to ingest their oils, you can add a drop or two to water to drink. It helps aid in weight loss. The scent alone can help you with food cravings.  It can also be massaged into the skin to help eliminate cellulite.  Mix with a carrier oil first.

Tea Tree Oil.  Good for skin, good for cleaning.  Mix a few drops a carrier oil for your skin. It is said to help with acne.  Or, add a few drops of this to water and vinegar (with lemon,  and rosemary) for cleaning.

Plai Oil.  Good for muscle pain. Mix with a carrier oil and use it to sooth sore muscles after exercising or doing yard work.

Basil Oil.  I use this one for witchy reasons.  As an herb, it is said to bring good luck and wealth.  There’s  a saying, where basil grows, no evil goes.  It’s used to encourage (good) abundance.  I add a drop of this to my cleaning blend (water, vinegar, rosemary, lemon, tea tree) with the idea that it will be used to bring in abundance when I clean with it.  It does smell herbal. So one drop is plenty. But again, I’m using it for woo woo reasons.

Birch Oil. Said to help eliminate cellulite.  Add some to a carrier oil, massage on your skin before sleep.

Peppermint Oil.  I use this when I make lip balm. And only a couple of drops is needed because it’s potent. Again, if it can be digested, a single drop to water instantly makes it cooling and refreshing.  And can also act as a breath freshener.  Or a drop to hot chocolate turns it into a chocolate- mint hot chocolate.

Fennel oil.  For digestion.  It will have a strong scent, much like black licorice.  But rubbed on the belly after a too-big meal, or when you’re just feeling bloated or are feeling indigestion, it works wonders.  Add with some carrier oil.

I will also sometimes dress candles in spells work with oils if they serve a purpose.  For example, I might use lavender oil for a candle love spell, or basil for a money/prosperity spell.

For incense or for bath and body products (shower gels, creams  and lotions, scented candles), I generally use purely scented or fragranced oils.  Essential oils are fine of course, but they’re more expensive.  Of course, it’s up to you.

A drop here, and a drop there, for skin and face and windows and hair, add an element of magick now, to my body and my house…







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