The Year of…The You

I was listening to a podcast the other day and an interesting idea came up. Instead (or in addition to) of having a resolution for the new year…why not craft the whole year after an energy you want to be more like.  The major arcana in the traditional tarot is a common place to look for ideas.  Those cards representing major archetypes that we arguably all have within us and that we can all cultivate.

But the source that you get your inspiration from can come from anywhere. It can come from media, from a character in a book or movie, from the main theme or message in a song.  But you make it yours. And you dedicate the next year (or month or week, however you want to do it) towards integrating and incorporating that energy within yourself.

This year, for me, is the year of the High Priestess. She’s one of my favorite cards in the traditional tarot deck. I view her as an intuitive goddess of sorts.  People seek her wisdom and advice. Not because she’s a gossip, but because she’s gifted with insight and intuition.  And accurate insight and intuition at that. She’s depicted alone in the card – so she’s not surrounded by people.  She doesn’t get her knowledge from other people – she gets it from going within. An introvert possibly.  But a woman who goes within for guidance and who is sought to help and guide people with her gifts.

Understand, I also have monthly goals I have set for myself throughout the year. I wrote them down in my calendar/date book to remind myself when we come to that month what the goal is. I don’t like the word resolution…I think it’s overused and it has lost it’s value to me.  Anymore, it’s a kitsch word thrown around that almost predicts failure.  But this year, every day, I want to be focused on being more like the High Priestess. Every month, I have a “health and diet goal” and I have a “spiritual goal.”  Every month there is a different focus, but they are all geared towards being more like the High Priestess.   Learning and using new tarot spreads, working with new decks, working with my own psychic and intuitive abilities, working on further developing my mediumship skills, learning more about astrology…on and on.  And being open to helping others with my knowledge and gifts…if they come to me for guidance.

This year (or month or week) can be the year of the Queen (and you can decide if you want it to be the Queen of Cups or Wands or Swords, or Pentacles), the year of the Emperor, the year of the Hermit (if you are using this year to learn more, to acquire more knowledge of some sort), the year of Judgement (a year of rebirth of sorts), the year of the Ten of Cups (happy, healthy family) – whatever you want for yourself.  If you create manifestation boards, you can cut out pictures and words that correspond to your particular focus. You can create a little chant you say every morning or every evening to remind you of what and who you are trying to be more like this year.  Journal on the themes that come to you that relate to your archetype. Meditate or just spend some time in a place of quiet about one facet of the archetype for yourself. Lots of ways to incorporate these things into your daily life.

At the end of the year, look back on all the work you’ve done towards manifesting more of that archetype or the dynamic of the archetype in your life and see how far you’ve come.  If you keep at it,  you will be amazed at how much you’ve learned and how often this energy played out in your life in positive ways to help grow you towards what you want to become.

I choose this archetype,  this energy for me, growing me closer to my destiny, learning and knowing and wisdom I seek, this is what I want, so it shall be…















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