Planet Post Up – Mercury Direct,Venus Enters Pisces, All Planets Direct

So much going on in the astrology. Mercury, the zippy planet of communication and technology, goes direct on January 8, 2016. It has been in retrograde and will station direct on January 8, a welcome shift.  Communication should return to normal, we can get back to the business of contracts and important documents, tech gadgets should start working as they should.  The next retrograde cycle isn’t until April 9 to May 3.  At that time, it will start in Taurus and end in Aries. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s enjoy this forward movement.

Venus, the planet of love and luxury, entered Pisces on January 3, 2017 and will stay in Pisces until February 3, 2017. Our romantic relationships and love in general can take on a dreamy, fantasy-like quality now.  Imaginative and romantic. Just make sure to not get too carried away with the fantasy side of things.  Try to stay grounded at least a little.

All planets will be moving direct (forward) from January 7, 2017 through February 6, 2017.  This is the push and the lift we’ve been waiting for.  The start to the year was a little bumpy. But this will help move things along a little.  Usually, there’s at least one planet that is in retrograde. But this period of about 30 days has everybody moving forward. Use this energy to move and progress forward in your own life.

Eclipse season in 2017 starts right after this – February 10, 2017 has a penumbral lunar eclipse in Leo and there’s a solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 2017.  Eclipses bring major energy shifts and generally significant beginnings and endings in our lives.   So enjoy the month before them.  Things for everybody really start to stabilize and progress from May until October this year.  The first part of the year will be a little trying. It picks up nicely later on.

I feel the shift, it moves us on, marching forward toward the sun, love and light and progress too, all on offer for me and you…








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