Embrace the New – New Moon, New Year…

We are about to welcome in 2017 and wave goodbye to 2016.  For a lot of people, this will be a welcomed shift.  The year 2016 vibrates to a “9” year – a year of endings.  In addition to the long list of people who passed over in 2016, we all experienced some sort of loss, ending, closure in our own personal lives. I like to think of “the old – the new” as a closet full of clothes. If you keep buying new clothes and never get rid of anything old…you aren’t going to be able to fit everything in the closet. It will become disorganized and messy.   You have to make room for the new by getting rid of the old. Especially the old that no longer serves us. That no longer benefits us, guides our souls, brightens our perspectives and days.  It can be hard to get rid of these things (these people) sometimes.  But it’s necessary.

We had a New Moon on December 29, 2016 in Capricorn.  The stable, cardinal earth sign known for hard work and perseverance.  As with any New Moon, now is a good time to spend some time figuring out what areas of your life you want to implement this sort of energy towards. A job? Your career?  Your romantic life? Your own health?

Many people use this time of the year (on the calendar) to come up with resolutions. Things they would like to change in their lives in the coming year.  Which is a great idea.  We should endeavor to grow and learn throughout our lives not just while we’re young and in school.   The reason a lot of resolutions fall away by the end of January is because there are too many and there isn’t any strategy or plan for how to follow through with them.

Resolution: I’m going to go to the gym every day but Sunday.

Better Resolution: I’m going to the gym at least 3 days a week January and February.  Then from March to April, I’m going to go at least 4 days a week.  Then from May to June, 5 days a week. From July to August 6 days a week.  By this point, you’re probably in the habit of going to the gym so it won’t be a chore anymore.

Potential Problems with Gym Resolution: Weather, time, feeling lazy.

Potential Solutions: Go online and find some short HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises to do.  If you live on land, you don’t really have an excuse not to do something physical.  Vow that if you can’t make it to the gym because of weather or time, you spend at least 10 minutes doing a HIIT workout on your own in your house.  Feeling lazy?  Vow to do 10 pushups, 20 crunches, 15 squats, and a 30 second plank. You can take all day to do that.  But at least it will get done.

Resolution: I’m going to get my finances under control this year.

Better Resolution: I’ve spent a few days looking at how I spend money throughout a week or weekend.  I’ve found some areas where I spend money I don’t have to.  I’m going to try to save at least $15 a week the month of January. I’m going to not buy coffee  every single morning before work (I’ll treat myself to doing that twice a week), and I’m going to bring my lunch from home one time a week. Or I could give up buying coffee four days a week and treat myself to it once.  I can learn to make it at home and bring it to the office. This will come out to about $60 a month. And about $720 a year.

Potential Problems with Finances Resolution: I really really want coffee from Starbucks.  I really really want to go out with my coworkers for lunch but I haven’t brought my lunch from home this week.

Potential Solution: There are probably several areas of your day-to-day life where you spend money you don’t have to. So if coffee was a weakness for you this week, vow to not buy anything off of Amazon for two weeks.  Or if office lunches was the issue, don’t meet people out for drinks this week after work.   Set the amount of money you want to save a week or a month.  Do things so you get to that point. It’s to as hard as it looks.

Resolution: I am going to become more spiritual this year.

Better Resolution: I am going to meditate for at least 2 minutes five times a week. I can increase it as time goes on.  I am going to develop my own rituals for the full and new moons – even if it’s just lighting a candle and writing down an intention to create or to let go of and spending a few moments thinking about it. I’m going to learn how to read the Tarot. I am going ot take a psychic development class. I am going to learn how to dip my own incense and get in the habit of making incense for every new moon.  I’m going to learn more about crystals, and spend each month learning more about a specific crystal.

Potential Problems With Spiritual Resolution: It’s too vague. Find a specific area you want to focus your attention on.  This can be for the whole year, or month-by-month (for example, crystals, moon phase rituals, psychic development, meditation, manifesting, Tarot/Oracle card reading, spell work for beginners, astrology, creating and designing altars in your home, feng shui, essential oils and herbs, candle magic).  Buy at least one book on that topic for that month and read it.  And practice these things. As with most things, you will learn more by doing it instead of reading about it.

Potential Solutions: Set aside 2-5 minutes a day (or five days  a week, or four….whatever works for you) that you will spend learning about this area or doing it somehow.  So it could be 2 minutes for meditation before you get in the shower before work.  Or two minutes before you go to sleep.  Start to go to sleep earlier by five minutes and use those five minutes to read from your book for that month.  You can take the time to read from the book before you get out of the car and go into the house at the end of your working day (it’s quiet, you’re alone).  Be consistent with the time you set aside – more so, when you set it aside. It will require a little bit of discipline at first, but the formation of habit will soon take over.

Use the moon phases of the month to guide you through this year and through your resolutions.  Use the New Moons to help you reignite your resolutions or switch them up a little (this is the new moon I go to the gym 4 days a week for two months…), and then use the full moons to evaluate how it’s going. Are you going to the gym like you said you would? Are you spending at least 2 minutes a day meditation or reading from your monthly book?

Keep your changes manageable or they will seem insurmountable. And you’re more likely to give up on the thing that seems insurmountable.

This new year, this new moon, ushering in change, ushering it soon, guide me guide me, discipline please, to change those things to make me happy…















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