Planet Post Up – Mercury Retrograde, Sun in Capricorn

Mercury is officially retrograde. He went retrograde on December 19, 2016 and will stay that way until January 8, 2017.  Mercury retrograde is often thought of as a time of complications and irritations and problems. Travel delays,  things breaking or falling apart, problems with communication all around (texts and emails not being sent or delivered, or being misunderstood), and a bad time to sign contracts or purchase expensive things in general.  But Mercury retrograde gives us all the opportunity to “re” things in our lives. Reevaluate, review, revise, revisit.  We tend to engage in these sorts of things around the end of the year, anyway. What we’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) over the past year, what has changed (or not changed), and what we’d like to see happen in the year ahead.

The Sun also moved from Sagittarius to the grounded earth sign of Capricorn.  Capricorn is  a cardinal earth sign (it “starts” a season) ruled by Saturn.   Caps tend to be stable and mature. Responsible and focused on career and family.  They think long term and aren’t generally impulsive.  The shadow side of Cap (we all have one) is that they can be bossy and selfish. Unforgiving, stubborn, and intolerant.  And lazy.   This is a good time to set long term goals for yourself and to map out what steps need to be taken to achieve those goals.  Goals without a plan are just wishes, right?  So get out the pen and paper and really list the things you need to do or not do to achieve those goals.  Interesting that the sign that starts the calendar  year (not the astrological year, that is Aries) is Capricorn.

Accordingly, there is a New Moon in Cap on December 29, 2016.  New Moons are a time to initiate new beginnings and fresh starts.  Make your list of goals and things you want to manifest, not just for the next 30 days, but for the whole year.  Light a candle knowing that the universe will help you and guide you to achieving those goals.  Let the candle burn out by itself (those little birthday candles are perfect for these types of rituals/spells because they don’t take too long to burn out on their own). Welcome the new year and all the universe has to offer you…

New year, new sign, all my hopes now align, Universe please hear my plea,  make 2017 the best for me. I’ll do the work, I’ll spend the time, crafting that which shall be mine, help me please along the way, starting now…starting today….







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