Crown Chakra – Divinity, Enlightenment, Spiritual Bliss

The seventh and last chakra (I am going to discuss, anyway) is the Crown Chakra.  Located right above your head, it’s color is purple.  The chakra of spiritual enlightenment.  When I think of spiritual and/or religious people (monks, philosophical writers, religious and spiritual scholars), I think of this chakra being balanced and open.  Some people will say when they are in the presence of one of these people, they have this “glow” about them.  Something just radiates about them.  I smile to myself and think, it’s their crown chakra.

What it governs/controls: Our deeper connection ourselves and to others. Our connection to spirituality, to life force, to the highest form of love and light.  This is the energy center that governs ultimate happiness and inspiration. I also think that when this chakra is open and balanced, it’s the feeling of getting it.  Of finally achieving that place of knowing. Wisdom beyond wisdom.

When it is not in balance: A feeling of lack of connection. To yourself, to others, to any type of spirituality  or religion (whatever that might mean for you personally). Depression and sadness. A feeling of hopelessness, of giving up. Not seeing the positive or good in anything or in anyone.  And not caring to try. There can also be a feeling or sense of lack of coordination. Not feeling like anything “fits.”  Headaches, disrupted sleep, nightmares and also manifest with this chakra not being balanced.

How to get it in balance: Grounding techniques and meditation. Specifically, sitting or being somewhere that is a place of spirituality for you. It can be a church or a quiet place in a park. Any place where you feel a sense of peace and connection with the divine. Just being there in silence is a good way to open and balance this chakra.

Stones/crystals to carry or use: Amethyst is the big one. Amethyst is good for anything – but it works especially well with this chakra.  Selenite (be sure to not get it wet, it will destroy the stone), Clear Quartz.  Certain types of amethyst can be expensive – as with all jewelry and stones/crystals.  But single tumbled or rough stones can be found at almost any witchy or metaphysical store for around $1-2 a stone. Carrying in your pocket, in a pouch in your purse, keeping some on a desk or in a desk or drawer all work.  Keeping Amethyst and Selenite by the bed helps ward off nightmare and ensure good sleep. Wearing purple or lavender is also an easy way to get tuned in with this energy center.

I am open and connected, to spirit and the divine, all that the universe has is both yours and mine. Radiating light and love to see, it’s there for you and it’s there for me…









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