Planet Post-Up – Sextiles and Mercury Soon To Go Retrograde

There are some upcoming transits that are about to take place this week.  And one that won’t officially take place until December 19.

First, the Sun will sextile (a harmonious position) Jupiter.  Joy and abundance and expansion.  A positive position, no doubt.

Mars will sextile Uranus.  The planet of moving forward, of progress in a harmonious aspect to the planet of innovation and surprise and revolution.  This is a good placement for both of these planets as well.  A great time for inventors and artists of all manner.  Creators.  Expect to see innovation and invention.

Venus will soon be moving into Aquarius (on or about December 7). The planet of love and luxury in the sign of…innovation and invention. Relationships may take on surprising twists in the direction they move in and take.  Aquarius is an air sign and a sign of communication and the mind.  Issues concerning these themes may also go in interesting directions.

And Mercury is about to go retrograde. Officially on December 19, but he is in his shadow phase now.  Already, you may be experiencing problems or hiccups with communication, technology, things breaking and not working.  He will go retrograde in Capricorn – a stable and earthy planet that is known more for its sensibility and hard work.  Where Capricorn is in your chart will be where you will probably feel this transit the most. But we will all feel it.  Get the holiday shopping done now if you can. Especially the big purchases.  And get ready for delays, mixups with plans, communication issues, on and on.

Overall, a good week ahead for us.

Progress forward, on we go, the sun’s abundance soon will show. Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, too… In harmonious placements for me and you. 










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