New Moon in Sagittarius -Optimism, Enthusiasm, Energy

November 29, 2016 there will be a new moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius.  Sag is a mutable fire sign, it’s symbol an archer.  This new moon can usher in a new time of enthusiasm, energy, optimism about the future.  Sagittarius can also be a bit outspoken, bawdy, gregarious and independent.  These traits and elements we might find magnified and amplified with this new moon.  A good time to start any endeavors in our lives that incorporate these things.

Right now, Mercury is in Sagittarius. It will zip into Capricorn on December 2, 2016.  When Mercury is in the earthy, stable sign of Capricorn, communication tends to be (as one might expect) more grounded and more focused on the future.  Practical matters of all kinds may be brought to our attention now. Mercury will also be be going into shadow (the time period before and after it officially goes retrograde) this week.  NOW is a good time to get the holiday shopping done and out of the way.  You don’t want any of the potential hassles a Mercury retrograde can bring.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius right now.  He will stay there until the end of December 2017. If you are a Sag, or have a rising/ascendant Sag sign, you may be experiencing some life lessons.  We all go through it and once Saturn transits out of your sign, you will be wiser and better for it.

The energy I feel from this fiery new moon, bring me enthusiasm and all aspects new. 


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