Heart Chakra – Love Love Love

The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra.  Located in your heart center, the center of your chest.   It is the energy center that corresponds to love, compassion, empathy, kindness. It is sometimes considered the “bridge” chakra because it connects the lower three chakras and the higher three chakras.

What it governs/controls: Love. How you give, receive, and are open to love.  Your sense of compassion and empathy.  Gratitude and kindness.  Not only to others but to yourself as well.

When it is not in balance: You may experience loneliness, lack of empathy or the inability to feel or give compassion.  Feelings of jealousy of others can also indicate that this chakra may be out of balance.  Other signs can be codependency, or an inability to find love and peace within yourself by yourself.  Grudges, inability to forgive or to extend forgiveness can also indicate an imbalance.

How to get it in balance: Meditation and grounding. Trying to become better at expressing your feelings. This ability can go hand-in-hand with the throat chakra – but that often deals with the ability to speak or talk about your feelings or emotions.  Other ways you can express emotions are through writing, speak and acting. What you do.  Acts of kindness, expressing gratitude and thanks, donating your time, talent or money to causes you care about in a show of compassion and empathy are also good ways to express feelings.

An easy visualization technique or visual to use in meditation is to imagine sending pink light to another person’s heart chakra and having their chakra glow.  I do this sometimes when I’m around somebody who seems particularly difficult or lacking in kindness.  It’s a way to send your (heart) energy to another.

Stones/crystals to carry or use: Pink stones and green stones. This chakra’s color is green.  But stones that are pink also work well with this chakra.  Malachite,  jade, green adventurine, moss agate, peridot – the green stones.  Pink stones are rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, watermelon tourmaline.  Because of it’s location, wearing a pendant in one or more of these stones is a good way to be mindful of this chakra.  It’s not difficult to find rose quartz heart pendants.  Also, carrying them in your pocket, keeping them on a desk or in a drawer work as well.

So grateful for all the things that I have, the people, the things, the health, my breath.  I open my heart to kindness to all, my heart to yours, on compassion I call…








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