Solar Plexus Chakra -Character, Gut Instinct, Sense of Self

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra.  It’s located in your belly – your gut. It’s the energy center that corresponds to the you of you.…your character, your gut instinct, your sense of self.

What it governs/controls: Personality, personal identity, personal power, your character, gut instincts.  That feeling you get in your gut that you can’t explain, but you just know….that’s the solar plexus chakra.

When it is not in balance: Excessive anger, control issues, being overly critical, manipulation.  And, of course, physical pains and disorders in this area like ulcers, stomach cramps or stomach aches.  Also, eating disorders.  Often, eating disorders involve how the person sees themselves (they will see themselves as too overweight, or not pretty enough, and they equate pretty with being of a certain weight), and in a mundane sense, food goes into the stomach. An imbalance in this chakra could correspond with one’s relationship with food.

How to get it in balance: Switch up your diet – think of eating more soothing, calming foods.  Also, yellow foods – bananas, chamomile tea, bread may also help. Meditation and grounding techniques are always good. Always.  Exposing yourself to natural sunlight. Another interesting thing to consider is that people often associate “psychic knowing” with their third eye – located between your eye brows. The color associate with this chakra is indigo/purple.  I happen to believe that the third eye chakra and the solar plexus chakra are profoundly connected.  That feeling of just “knowing” in your gut, isn’t much different than a “knowing” that somebody may attribute to their third eye.  Consider working with colors, foods, crystals that are indigo/purple as well.

Stones/crystals to carry or use: Think of stones and crystals that are yellow. Yellow calcite, citrine, amber, tiger’s eye, yellow topaz. Clear quartz helps to amplify these energies.  You can lay down and rest one or several of these stones on your belly and meditate with them. Carry them with you in a pocket or in a bag. And wearing colors that are yellow or golden in color can also help to direct attention and energy to this chakra.

Strong sense of self and identity, solar plexus chakra stay balanced in me…








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