Planet Post Up – Neptune Goes Direct, Moon Moves From Cancer to Leo

Neptune, the “hippy” planet of peace and love and cooperation goes direct. Spirituality, religion are also issues that Neptune can speak to.  Neptune governs the water sign of Pisces.  It went retrograde in June of this year, and has been retrograde for about five months or so. It soon goes direct.

The key theme of this transit is that the rose colored glasses come off. No more delusion and no more hazy perception of things. If something has been obscured or kept in a state of disillusionment, that’s about to change.  Don’t fear it, welcome it.  Things will soon become more illuminated and being able to see things (and people) clearly is always a good thing.

Your dreams may also become more vivid or frequent.  And any artistic or creative endeavors may suddenly find inspiration.

The moon is also shifting from it’s homey place in Cancer to Leo.  Cancer is emotional, sensitive, family oriented.  The moon likes Cancer – it rules Cancer.  Leo, the dashing fire sign,  is ruled by the Sun. The combination of the moon in Leo and the sun still in Scorpio can bring forth the “temper tantrum child” in all of us.  Be mindful of this. The good thing is that the moon shifts signs every 2-3 days or so.  It won’t be in Leo for too long.

The blinders are off, now I can see, Neptune direct guide me safely…









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