Full Super Moon in Taurus – Grounded and Sensual

November 14, 2016 there will be a full moon in Taurus.  A super full moon.  This moon will be the closest to the earth than it has been since the 1940s.  It will appear bigger and brighter than most full moons.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign.  Stable, grounded, centered.  Taurus is also ruled by Venus – the planet of love and luxury and creature comforts. Slow down….close your eyes…inhale deeply. Think of the things you hold dear to you. Connect to yourself, to your feelings, to the stable things in your life.  And do something kind for yourself.  A little treat, a small indulgence or luxury is a nice way to connect to this lunation.

The energies of any full or new moon can be felt three to four days before and after the exactness of the moon.  Set your crystals outside to be charged in the moonlight (or by a window if the weather won’t permit). Think of some things you would like to manifest and bring into your reality. Sit with them in meditation, release them to the universe to bring to fruition. I hope you have a clear night sky to see her in all her bright beauty.

Super moon in the night sky, bright and beautiful to my eyes, bring to me love and kindness please, this is my will, so shall it be….



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