Sacral Chakra – Creation and Creativity

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra.  It’s located where our reproductive organs are located (below the belly button) and the color associated with it is orange.  It is the energy center that corresponds to creation and creativity.

What it governs/controls: Creation of all things – life, ideas, emotions, intentions, on and on.  And creativity. The endless list of all things creative – all manner of art, literature, music, building, cooking, sewing, creating a new career or lifestyle for yourself, creating or decorating a room in the house – the list is endless.

When it is not in balance:  Physical problems with the reproductive organs, pain and/or cramping in this area. And an inability to create and a creative block.  Writers block, for example.  Not being able to think outside the box. Feeling “dull” or blocked in general.  An imbalance with this chakra can also manifest with feelings of guilt or embarrassment with sexuality. And/or strong (too strong) attachments to people of the opposite sex, over-attachment in general.

How to get it in balance: Again, grounding techniques always work for every chakra all the time.  Specifically, spend time in or around water. Swimming, dangling your feet in water, soaking your feet in a relaxing foot soak, taking a warm epsom salt and essential oil bath, showering.  Water is associated with emotions in general and being around water can help stir creative juices and relax you enough to be open to new (creative) ideas.

Stones/crystals to carry or use:  Orange stones. Good, inexpensive ones to consider are carnelian, citrine, orange calcite. There are also some kinds of jasper and agate that are orange in color. Amber is also a stone (a resin, actually) to consider, but it can be expensive.  Carry in your pocket, carry in a little bag in your purse or briefcase. Keep one  or some on or in your desk and in your car.  Wearing orange clothing (and orange accessories) are an easy way to be connected to this chakra and to encourage balance in this area.

Help me to create and help me to see, all the creative ideas that reside within me.  Bring to them life, I ask of you please, this is my will, so shall it be…









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