Planet Post up – Three Planets Change Signs

Big changes coming this week. Three planets change signs.  One planet changing signs can be a jolt. Three – well…we’re about to see how it’s all going to shake out.

Mercury (zippy planet of communication) is moving into Sagittarius this week. There may be communication around freedom and new ideas, new plans. There may be a great deal of enthusiasm and high energy. So get ready.

Venus (planet of love and luxury) moves into Capricorn. Maybe not her most favorite place to be.  Love and wealth (finances, things relating to the two) will be viewed with more structure. And also with an eye to the future. Thinking long term, long range plans.  Nothing fleeting, nothing whimsical.  Think grounded stability.

Mars (planet of aggression and war) goes into Aquarius.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is the sign of revolution and rebellion and surprises.  And Uranus is in the sign of Aries right now. Aquarius, an air sign, is often viewed as a sign of the future.  Aggression meets up with futuristic thinking. We will all be thinking about the future and how to contend with it.

Change is all around. Along with Election Day in the United States this Tuesday.  Ready or not, here it comes…

Three planets are moving, locations are shifting, the skies are soon changing, and so are we…






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