Ghost Story #4 – Green Pepper Ghost

This is the last ghost story of 2016.  It’s about a ghost in the grocery store. This happened a few months ago. It was summertime.  My boyfriend and I were in the grocery store, in the meat section.  Looking for food to grill.  We like to make kabobs with whatever meat, onions and peppers.  I like green peppers, he prefers red or orange. There was a box of green peppers on one of the ends  of an aisle by where we were.  They may have been on sale. The green peppers were inside the box, not piled up high. You had to actually reach inside to get one.

He’s trying to decide on what cut of meat to get and I’m asking him if I should go get a pepper. He’s not exactly ignoring me, but he’s also not really paying attention because he’s concerned about the meat.  So I ask again if he wants me to get a red pepper or orange.  Still no real response. I tell him, okay, I’m going to go get a red pepper, I’ll be back in a second.

Just as I said that, a green pepper rolls across the ground from the box where they were in, all the way across us until it stops by rolling into the wall.  It was about 20 feet.  We both stopped talking and looked over to where the box of peppers was. There was nobody else around us. There were no children around us playing around. There was nobody unboxing or unloading things.

My boyfriend just looks at me and says, I think we should get a green pepper.  I smiled and said, I think somebody is telling us to do that.

Rolling green peppers right to my feet, yes green pepper ghost, we will have one to eat…












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