Ghost Story #3 – Lights Out

The third ghost story is about the lights flickering at a restaurant at a very “coincidental” moment.  I was doing some shopping and I stopped at a pizza place in the mall.  I was by myself, and I was sitting at the bar area. I like watching the pizza guys drizzle expensive ingredients on pizzas making them look like modern works of art.

I was texting a friend of mine who owns a psychic-witchy shop. She has a seance every year around Halloween.  I was trying to find out what night it would be on this year, what time, how much it would cost.  Just as I hit “send” to send her the text to confirm that I would be there and to count me in, the lights just above the bar/pizza making area went out. Just the lights.  The music was still on. The lights in the other areas of the restaurant were on.  The other machines were on.  I looked at one of the pizza guys and he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

The lights stayed off for about 20 seconds. Then came back on. I realize that a lot of people would say it was “coincidence” and had nothing to do with me texting a friend about a seance, on and on.  They could be correct.  I just saw it differently.

The lights are on, the lights are out, ghosty ghost, come on out…










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