New Moon in Scorpio, Mars and Uranus Square

There will be a new moon in Scorpio this Sunday (October 30, 2016).  The day before Halloween/Samhain here in the United States.  My rising/ascendant sign in Scorpio, so I take the new and full moons in Scorpio and any transits that happen to and in Scorpio just as seriously as my sun sign (Libra).

New moons are often viewed as a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Scorpio is the sign that likes to dive deep into emotions, deal with the shadow side, it rules over passion and sex, mystery and seduction.  This new moon is an opportunity to look into areas in your life, and within yourself, where you want to take a closer look at the “dark side.”  I view this new moon as a time (for me) to really go within and see what dark things about myself, about my approach to relationships, about how I relate to others when it comes to power, if I am using negative emotions to manipulate others.

It’s a new moon – so if there are things you want to change or start or give a fresh approach to, especially when it comes to the darker side of yourself and how you deal with others – now is a good time.

We are also coming off of a square between Mars and Uranus. The planet of war and aggression and fight squaring with the planet of surprise and rebellion and revolution.  Things from out of nowhere may have happened the past few days.  Use this new moon energy to step into what you are feeling, and use it to find a fresh approach to your relationship with it.

Scorpio is one of the most intense signs in the zodiac. Fearless, driven, and direct.  Use that energy to rediscover this power within yourself.

Scorpio dark mysterious and intense, help me deal with feelings immense, lend me your power in my time of need, this is what I ask of thee…












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