Sun in Scorpio

We are now officially in Scorpio season.  My ascendant/rising sign. It’s not at all surprising that Halloween/Samhain falls in this sign.  A time of the year when we decorate with pictures and outdoor ghosts and zombies and tombstones that read RIP. It is the sign of death and rebirth.  It is, by many, considered the most intense and “dark” signs of the zodiac. It is ruled by Pluto – the god of the underworld.

Scorpio is a fixed sign – meaning it tends to not like change. Stable, in control, grounded. It is also a water sign which means it tends to be emotional. Specifically, Scorpios can often exhibit and express intense emotions.  Intense good, and intense bad. They can also be rather psychic and intuitive.  Water signs usually are.

Scorpios get a lot of unfair, negative press when it comes to their description.  They can cut with words and be quick to anger and outright hostility. They can be secretive – planning and plotting behind your back only to sting you suddenly and seemingly unexpectedly.  Their capacity for revenge and vindictiveness is second to none.  But their intensity can speak to some rather positive attributes as well.  Intense, no doubt.  Passionate and sexual, yes. Determined and driven, yep. Magnetic and mesmerizing, absolutely.

These are the guys that swim in the deep end – they have no time for splashing around in shallow water. Their emotions, their intellect, their drive and discipline and control all run deep. Really deep.  If you are fortunate enough to find a friend in a Scorpio, you will have a loyal, life long companion.  And someone who will fight along side you whatever your cause or plight.

Scorpios were no doubt relieved when Saturn, the large task-master planet of life lessons and growth left their sign in 2015.   He is now in Sagittarius.  And they will almost certainly welcome Jupiter’s transit through their sign for about thirteen months starting October 2017.  We all deserve that cosmic gift of good luck and abundance after having had Saturn in our sign for nearly two and a half years.

Deep and dark, with discipline and control, the most intense astrological sign of them all. Your eyes pierce through any man’s heart, you magnetize all, truly your art…













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