Ghost Story #2 – Child Laughing

My second ghost story is about hearing a child’s laughter in the house.  Again, last year, I had come home from work early.  It was still very light outside. It was only about 4:00 p.m.  I was upstairs in the master bedroom watching Medium (yes…really) on Netflix. The dogs were upstairs with me. Nobody else was in the house. I was expecting my boyfriend in an hour or two with his daughter.

Then I heard a child laughing.  And the laughter was not on the TV as part of the episode I was watching.  I muted the television.  Silence. Usually if somebody is at the door let alone inside the house, the dogs hear it before I do and run downstairs.  They were both on the bed with me, sleeping.  I turned the television back on again.  Within a few minutes, I heard the laughter again.  I muted the television  and called out his daughter’s name.  Maybe she was playing around and running up and down the stairs laughing or trying to surprise me. Silence.

I turned Medium back on. I heard the laughter again.  It was so clear, I figured they were home early.  I turned off the television and went downstairs expecting to see her by the door or hiding behind a corner. I called out her name. I called out his name.   Nothing.  Nobody was there. And I could tell nobody had recently come in the house – everything was exactly the way it was when I came home. They didn’t come home for another hour or so.

A playful energy in the house that day laughing up and down the stairs.

Giggling, laughing up the stairs, happy little ghost, I hear you there…



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