Ghost Story #1 “….Hiiiiiii….”

Halloween, also known as Samhain, is right around the corner.  Many say that as we get closer to October 31, the veil between worlds gets thinner. Which often lends itself to spirit contact and/or communication.

In the meditation I do before readings, I always ask for my spirit guides and angels to come forward. I also ask for any other good, kind spirits who wish to communicate with me, to also come forward. Notice the emphasis on good and kind. I believe that good kind spirits are always around us and often, they just want to be invited to communicate and help us.

Thankfully, my ghost stories aren’t scary.  Not to me, anyway. Nothing dangerous, no touching, nothing breaking, nothing like that.  I’m going to post up on some of my favorite ghost stories from now until Halloween/Samhain.  I’d love to hear about your ghost stories as well if you’d like to share.

October 2015.  I had just woken up.  The dogs weren’t sleeping with me. I was alone.   When I wake up, I turn the light on, get my phone, check the weather and to see what emails may have come in while I was sleeping.  I wake up pretty early most mornings because I swim early. So it was right around (or just before) 5:00 a.m.  I was standing there in the bedroom alone, the light on, scrolling through emails and I heard somebody whisper, “….hiiiiiiiiii.”  It didn’t sound like a child. And I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female voice.  I stood there, picked my eyes up while keeping my head and face bent down as if looking at the phone,  I looked right and left, and went back to checking my emails.

It was as distinct a “….hiiiiiii…..” as I had ever heard.  Other than the obvious somebody-was-saying-hello-to-me realization was that I wasn’t scared. I didn’t jump, I didn’t drop the phone and run, I didn’t scream. I wasn’t shaking or sweating and I didn’t feel a nervous feeling in my stomach.

If that ghostie/spirit ever says hi to me again….I’ll be sure to smile and say hi back.

Ghost or spirit passing by, whisper to me another “hi.”  This time I promise to make my reply,  a smile,  a wink and from me a “hi.” 















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