Getting Grounded

What does it mean to “get grounded” in the psychic/witchy/spiritual sense?  Simply, it means connecting yourself to earth energy. Stable, life sustaining earth energy.  When we hear that somebody seems “really grounded,” it could mean they seem stable.  Their disposition, their conduct, the way they carry themselves or approach situations isn’t overly emotional. They don’t do things carelessly or without thought.  They seem firm in their beliefs or in their character.  They are unwavering when it comes to their objective – their job, their relationships, their hobbies.

How do you know if you are not grounded?  Your emotions may be a little all over the place.  You may seem disconnected to events or to people around you.  Unsettled and scattered.

So how do we get grounded? What can we do to ground ourselves in our daily lives or even before events or moments that call on us to be stable?

  • Meditation. It really is the answer to almost everything when it comes to working on ourselves.  It doesn’t require a seated lotus position, or fancy hand mudras, or chants.  It just requires us to sit still, and be quiet – that’s all.  Not for hours at a time. It can be for as little as one or two minutes. Try finding time to do this every morning, set a timer to one minute so you know when your time is up. Close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths.  Imagine roots growing from the bottom of your feet deep into the ground.  Deep roots that bring up fresh earth energy. Imagine it being green and rising up through your legs, your torso, your chest, arms, neck and head. Feel yourself being rooted to the earth – strong and stable.
  • Stones/crystals to carry with you to encourage grounding are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, hematite and obsidian. You can keep  one or several in your pocket, in a little bag in your purse or in or on your desk at work.
  • Walk on the earth in bare feet.  This can be done anywhere there is grass – your yard, a park, some green space outside your office.  Take off your shoes and socks (it’s easier to do when it’s warm outside) and just stand somewhere in the grass. Walk around a few paces in the grass. Feel the earth under your feet.  Imagine the roots growing down from your feet to the center of the earth, pulling up the earth energy.
  • Put your hands in some dirt. Ideally, in a garden or while pulling weeds or planting flowers. But any kind of dirt.  In the winter, if the only dirt you have around you is the soil in some potted plants in the house, place your fingers on the dirt. In the dirt. Feel the coolness of the soil. Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel connected to the earth.
  • Touch a tree.  Find a big tree, and place a hand on the trunk. Close your eyes and imagine that strength.  The years of being strongly, firmly rooted to this spot. The life sustaining nutrients and energy the tree gathers from the roots deep in the ground.  Feel that strength through your hand.  Something I like to say to myself when I do this is, strong like you….strong like me. I repeat it three times slowly.
  • Find a mantra you like and repeat it to yourself when you need it. It can become part of your meditation practice, or just something you think to yourself when you need to feel grounded and stable. Whatever words or phrases you come up with that signal that intention to ground for you.
    • I am safe, clear, grounded and protected.
    • Ground and protect, ground and protect.
  • Go outside.  Sometimes, just being outside is enough to calm your senses down, bring your focus to nature and the world around you.  The sun on your skin, the wind through your hair or on your face, even the rain or snow….all these things can be calming and nurturing, if only experienced for a few brief moments.

Feel my roots reaching down, I am bound to the ground, spirit guides hear my plea, please ground and protect me…







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