Libra New Moon and Crystals for Love

September 30, 2016 (or October 1, 2016, depending on where you are) there will be a new moon in Libra.   It’s also a black moon.  It is the second new moon in the month of September.  New moons are a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.  In Libra, it can suggest a new beginning with relationships. Or, with your relationship to other people or things in your life. Libra is the sign of balance and peace. Diplomacy.  And relationships.  A good time for a new beginning if you are in a committed relationship and a  good time to reevaluate how you approach and work within your prospective relationships.

If there is one thing that is constant in this universe, it’s change. Things are in constant flux and shift.  It’s as if the universe encourages us to take monthly stock where we are with things in our lives.  And when the sun is in Libra, and there’s a new moon in Libra – we are all being encouraged to take stock of our relationships.

There are a few crystals that are good for helping to manifest love, encourage more loving relationships and to even help us love ourselves. Often pink in color, these stones help us to with romantic love and help us to be kind to ourselves.  Stones that are red are generally associated with passion and sex. And stones that are green are often connected to the heart chakra – which is typically depicted as being green.

You can carry these crystals with you in your pocket or in a little mojo bag in your purse or briefcase, keep them in a desk drawer, put them around a candle and to further encourage the intent of the candle (to bring love into your life, to help strengthen an already existing relationship, to help you be more kind to yourself). You can also keep them by your bed or in the love and relationship section of your bedroom or a room in the house (Feng Shui).

  • Rose Quartz – perfect for all manner of all things regarding love and relationships.  Romantic love, the loving bond between family members (parents and children) and self-love. It helps us to be kind to ourselves.  If our relationship with ourself isn’t stable and complete – we are going to have a hard time finding stable love with another person.
  • Amethyst – a good stone for almost everything, it is a crown chakra stone. It helps to establish and further develop the love between you and the divine.
  • Larimar – calming, and peaceful. Encourages loving kindness and a sense of ease with things.
  • Rhodochrosite – love and compassion.
  • Rhodonite – Self-love, forgiveness, love of one’s brother (in the humanitarian sense), clearing the way to greater love in your life.
  • Ruby – Passion and following your passion in life.  Enthusiasm for things in general.
  • Garnet – Passion, sex, excitement in love.
  • Malachite – A heart chakra stone (also used for a lot of other things).  It’s a stone that some people are hesitant to work with – the energy of the stone can be strong.

To the new moon in the sky above, give to me kindness, bring to me love…








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