First blog post

“….there’s always blogging…you know, writing about stuff other people can read…”

“Oh, I have a blog.”

“You do? No you don’t! What’s your blog about?”

“You know how I’m always talking about what sign the moon is in, or I’m explaining that the pretty blue pendant I’m wearing isn’t JUST a blue pendant, but it’s kyanite, and it’s a stone used for…and then I go on and tell you about it?”


“Or, how I told you to write down the number 8 on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet after you told me bills have been piling up and money was pouring out of your bank account and you were starting to get a little worried?”

“Yeah, I remember that…”

“Or, after you told me you were looking for another job and I told you to write down one sentence that affirms that you already have this great job and to be grateful for it ten times every day, and it would bring it to you sooner…remember that?”


“That’s what this blog is about. It’s about me talking about planetary transits, metaphysical uses for crystals and stones, how to manifest and bring anything you want into your life, how to encourage and strengthen your own intuition….and all of those things I talk about that make you look at me with a little skepticism and worry. All those things I talk about that you shrug off as woo woo, then actually DO, and the magic happens for you.  All of those things. Because I want to share what I know and what I am always learning with people to help them.  Help them bring more abundance into their lives, manifest the things they want, feel more confident and step into their own power. I want to do that. That is what this blog is about.”

I am so happy you are here…











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