Abundance – Easy and Everyday

Abundance. Prosperity. Wealth. Those words generally have a positive connotation to them.  They are things we want in our lives.  Things we seek, things we work for.  Strive for.

There’s always the old fashioned way – working hard, putting in a little more than what’s expected, arriving early and leaving late.  There are also other little things we can do to encourage abundance in our lives.  To make it a little easier for prosperity and wealth to come our way.  I’m going to list some simple, inexpensive things you can do to help with this.  Stones (crystals) can be found at any metaphysical store. They can also be found online – heaps of private stores and shops and sellers, also on Amazon and Ebay.  All of the stones I mention here are inexpensive – costing no more than $1 or $2 per stone. And the herbs I mention can be purchased at the grocery store.

  • The south east corner/direction in any room is the wealth corner in feng shui.  Things you can put in that area to encourage the flow of money towards you are water features and healthy plants.  You don’t want a plant that’s on its last leg – you want that area to flourish.
  • Stones and crystals for wealth and abundance are citrine, green adventuring, moss agate, green jade, garnet, tiger’s eye and clear quartz. Clear Quartz is an excellent all purpose stone – also an amplifier of the other stones or energies around it. You can carry one (or several) in a pocket, put them in a little charm bag and put it in your purse or briefcase, keep them on your desk, arrange them on a little table in the wealth corner of your house/room/office.
  • Write the number 8 on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet.  The number 8 is the number of abundance.  You can also write (you may want to use a light hand, or use pencil) the number 8 on the inside of the doorway to your house or office.  Where the hinges are so nobody can really see it.
  • A sprinkling of basil and cinnamon.  There are lots of sayings about basil and having a basil plant by the front door to a home – “…where basil grows, no evil goes…”  If you can’t actually have a plant by your front door, you can sprinkle basil (the kind you get at the grocery store) by your front steps or under your door mat. Cinnamon expedites things. So you can mix the two in a little bowl, then sprinkle outside.  You can say out loud or just think to yourself that by sprinkling this, abundance and prosperity are being attracted into your home and to you.
  • You can also sprinkle basil and/or cinnamon along the outside edges of candles. Candles in green are usually used – but any color works.  Sprinkle the little bits imagining the flame from the candle working with the basil to bring wealth to you. It’s important that you sprinkle just a little bit and it is on the outside edges – too much and too close to the flame and it can catch on fire and pop. If  you don’t want to put it on the inside of the candle, you can sprinkle a little bit in the stand/holder you put the candle in (or on), or you can sprinkle some outside the candle around it.
  • A bay leaf in your wallet can bring money to you. You can find bayleaves at the grocery store.
  • The archangel Ariel can be invoked (asked) to assist with finances.  You don’t have to say anything special….the help comes with the asking.
  • Giving. There is a saying that nobody ever got poor by giving.  Very true.  It doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars in donations to charities – it can be giving the dime to the person in line of you at the grocery store,  leaving an extra few dollars in a tip to somebody, asking to speak to a manager or supervisor not to complain (what they are probably used to hearing…) but to give praise and thanks for an employee. How often do the people working in the grocery store deli get pulled aside by their managers to say that somebody made a point of asking to speak with them to tell them what a good job they were doing in the deli? Or how helpful they are.  Make a habit of donating a bag or two (or more) of clothes, books, things around the house to Goodwill or a church or shelter. It’s a good way to clear the clutter in your own home and to also give to somebody who needs what you have to give.  And giving also means giving your time.  Hold the door open for somebody behind you (it will only set you back a few seconds in your day), offer to help somebody you can see may be struggling even if they don’t ask.
  • Put a red rubber band or ribbon around your wallet.  Red in feng shui is a power color. Better if you can get a wallet that is red. But if not, a red pony tail holder works.
  • One of my favorite manifestation things to do (I will speak to this more in a post on manifestation) is to write it down.  Write down what it is you want.  Let’s say you want to make your first million dollars. You’d like to make it within two years. Write down in a sentence what is is you want as if you have it already, and are giving thanks for it: Thank you for the million dollars I brought in this year – thank you, thank  you, thank you.  Gratitude is one of the fastest and easiest ways to bring to us what is is we want.
  • If you have hard wood or tile floors you clean regularly, or have a counter spray, putting a basil leaf and/or mint leaf in the wash can also clear and clean the way for prosperity to come to you.  If you don’t have an actual leaf, you can sprinkle just a tiny bit in the wash. You can also put a drop of basil or peppermint oil in the wash.

There are countless ways to bring abundance and prosperity into your life.  I hope some of these ideas resonate with you.  An easy chant to say to yourself throughout the day…

Spirit guides, please hear my plea, please bring more money to my family/to me, so that I can help others and provide for the things we/I need, this is my will, so shall it be….







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